Katan Sabir Ali

Assistant Professor

College of Health Sciences

Department of Medical Microbiology

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 Katan S. Ali assistant professor  from College of Health Sciences, Hawler Medical University. I have got BSc degree in the College of Science, Salahaddin University, an MSc degree in Medical Microbiology, and a Ph.D. degree in Medical Virology from the college of Medicine, Hawler Medical University. I taught these subjects ( Medical bacteriology, Medical virology, Histology, Genetic) from 2005 to 2014  in the college of medicine. I am teaching basic, medical, systematic, diagnostic virology, and immunology in the college of health sciences. I have interested in doing researches in my field ( Medical Virology- Immunology) and Molecular biology   

I have Ten   published articles 


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1. The Prevalence of HBV infection, In Hawler City, Kurdistan region, Iraq

2. An Outbreak of Hepatitis C Virus at a Renal Dialysis Unit, in Hawler City, Kurdistan region, Iraq

3. Hepatitis B virus infection among  pregnant women,in Hawler City, Kurdistan region, Iraq

4.  Escherichia coli  and urinary tract infections in children 

5. Detection of Proteus spp. among patients with urinary tract infections

6. Streptococcus pneumonia and respiratory tract infection among children

7. The prevalence of HCV among Thalassemia patients in Erbil city, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

8. Change of Covid-19 Epidemiological measurement across three years in Erbil city

9. The detection of Rotavirus infection By molecular method  among childer under 5 years in Erbil City Kurdistan Region, Iraq

1.Concentration Levels of IL -10 and TNF-α Cytokines in Patients with HPV DNA Positive and Negative Cervical Lesions.2011 ,Journal of   Immunotxicology vol:9 No:2

2. AOS4 Detection of human papillomavirus DNA in patients with different cervical lesions in Kurdistan region, Iraq. European Journal of Cancer  Volume 48    2012

3.Cytological versus serological diagnosis of Herpes simplex virus type 2 infection  among women with cervicitis without external  genital  ulcer or blisteiring lesions  in Hawler Maternity Teaching Hospital . Zanco Journal Medical Science ,2013     Vol , No.  18, 3

4.Detection of  Chlamydial trachomatis infection among women  in  Erbil city by both cervical cytology and  serological  test.3rd International conference for Medical Scinces Proceeding Book : 2012 Vol.3 

5.Quantitation assay  of hepatitis C virus RNA using real-time PCR technique.4th international scientific conference of biological science/CIC BIOS’17, 26/4/2017

6. Streptococcus  pnumoniae  isolated from nasal  carriage  and antibiotic susceptibility in children from Erbil city. Zanco.J.med.Sci.,Vol.23,No.(3),December,2019

7. The seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus infection among women with abortion and intrauterine death in Erbil city Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Diyala Journal of medicine Vol.18.issue1.April 2020

8.  Effect of lockdown, temperature, and humidity on the pattern of Covid-19 in Erbil province, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Diyala Journal of Medicine Vol.20 .issue 2.June 2021

9.Clinical and Hematological  Charecterstic of 300 covid -19 patients in Erbil city , Kurdistan Region , Iraq .International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology. Vol.36. 2022

10. The Frequency of Rotavirus infection among children under the age of 5 years in Province, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.A hospital Based Study. Diyala Journal of Medicine  Vol.24 Issue 1 .1.4.2023


1. Ph.D. degree in Medical Virology & Immunology, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University

2. Msc degree in Medical Microbiology, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University 

3. BSc degree in Biology ( Microbiology), College of Science, Salahadden University 

1. Member of the Accreditation  Committee

2. The head of the research project student Committee

3. Directer  of the career development center 

4. Member of thesis discussion 

5. Member of the Scientific Committee of the medical Microbiology department  

6. Head of Medical Microbiology Department