Quality Assurance of Health Sciences

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The University's quality assurance procedures provide a framework within which its institutions can examine and enhance their teaching activities. Hawler Medical University (HMU) consists of a diverse society of students, academics, scientists and admin staff who are responsible for offering a high standard education in different areas.


The message of our quality assurance program is to assure students of the academic standards offered within the university. The purpose of the program is to create an environment in which members of the society believe in education, learning, and research processes of the higher education system in the HMU. Our Quality Assurance system helps to attain a high standard and developing them in a way so that they reach the standards of excellence for which international universities are renowned. Our alumnae are proud with degrees from HMU because they know that they have achieved the same quality as competitive universities elsewhere in the world. Our mission that needs attention and support students, academics, and administration staff to understand and practice activities in keeping with quality standards in the Hawler Medical University.


The vision of Quality Assurance at HMU team play a strategic role in implementing best practices to achieve positive outcomes for the Students and Alumni. Academic qualifications of the highest quality require fitness for purpose, effective management and employability of graduates, standardization of procedures and innovative teaching, learning and community engagements to keep the University competitive and sustainable in globalized education area.


To achieve the objectives of the university on issues relating to quality and academic accreditation. To strengthen efforts to move the university academically and professionally to the ranks of the best universities locally and regionally. To promote a culture of quality among members of the university. To monitor performance assessment and quality assurance of academic and administrative units and. To deliver high-quality information and services for research, data analysis, decision support, and strategic planning for institutional effectiveness.


1.      Checking and audit of the annual plan for scientific departments and colleges.

2.      Evaluate the Teacher scientific performance through TF and CME.

3.      Checking the course book and the textbooks prepared by the Teacher for the courses.

4.      SF for both the Teaching performance of the Subject and the Course Methodology.

5.      Evaluation of teaching performance through the Head of Department.

6.      Checking and encourage the Teacher to participate in the seminars, the Work Shop and the Conferences.

7.      Evaluation of the performance of the Head of the Academic Department through Teaching Staff and Dean of the College.

Since the year 2017, the Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA) process at  Hawler Medical University started to implement a paperless online system, instead of the paper-based system that was applied before.  Hawler Medical University adopted Continuing Professional Development

(CPD) and Moodle online system for Education to implement its paperless online system to assure a quality teaching/learning at  Hawler Medical University.


The quality assurance process at Hawler Medical University goes through three categories:


1-Student Feedback (SF):

The process of Student Feedback (SF) via online system.

Hawler Medical University, in terms of the significance of quality assurance process and systematizing QA processes, gave the chance to the students to give feedback through e-system. The process started on 2017 through the use online system. Hawler Medical University for the first time successfully conducted this process for both semesters.

2- Continuing Medical Education (CME):

The process of CME via online system.

Hawler Medical University, in terms of the significance of quality assurance process and systematizing QA processes, evaluated Continuing Medical Education (CME). The evaluation committee on 2017 at Directorate of Quality Assurance office, for the first time successfully evaluated CME through e-system process.

The CME scores requirement for teaching staff according to academic title is presented in the following table:

Academic title

Total required scores







Assistant professor








Assistant lecturer





In order to establish and implement CME in the universities and colleges, the Scientific Committees of these institutes will lay down a program periodically for the academic seminars. A list of seminars schedule must be submitted to the College Council at the beginning of each semester for approval. A copy of the list should be sent to the Directorate of Quality Assurance at the university presidency for review.

3-Teacher portfolio:

The process of Portfolio evaluation via QA online e-system.

Hawler Medical University, in terms of the significance of quality assurance process and systematizing QA processes, evaluated Teaching Assessment Portfolio (TAP). Evaluation of teaching performance through the Head of Department, Head of Quality Assurance & Dean of the college Health sciences.




Portfolio Evaluation Grade and Score











As a teaching staff at  Hawler Medical University, we are asking you kindly to read the content of this site carefully.  The Department Quality Assurance (DQA) is republishing the Handbook of the TQA that based on the Directorate of the teaching Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Higher Education guidelines.