IT Guidelines for Academicians

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IT Guidelines for Academicians (PDF)


Profile Management

Moodle Account and Adding Features, Resources, and Files

Moodle for Messages

Moodle for Attendance

Moodle for Quiz

Moodle for Assignments

Moodle for Quick Grading

CPD Uploading Activities_Staff Evaluation CAD_QA

Certification of Teacher's CPD_QA

Participation in Video Conference_Big Blue Button

Zoom Presentation for Virtual Classroom, Uploading to Google Drive and Linking to Moodle

Uploading Large Files in Google Drive and Linking to Moodle 

How to Make a Zoom Meeting on Moodle

Forgotten Moodle Password

Recover My HMU e-Mail Password 

Google Scholar Citation



Zoom Education Guidelines (Short Videos)






Recorded Workshops on e-Learning


1. IT Infrastructure of Hawler Medical University, by Dr. Dara Al-Banna

2. CPD-Profile Management, by Dr. Hiwa Omer

3. Moodle-Learning Management System (LMS), by Dr. Dara Al-Banna

4. Moodle Lesson, by Dr. Hussien Ibrahim

5. Recording Lectures, Uploading to Google Drive, and Linking to Moodle, by Dr. Dara Al-Banna  ///   FastStone Video Recording Software

6. Big Blue Button (Video Conference)in Moodle, by Mrs. Amani Alsagheer

7. Creating Quiz in Moodle, by Dr. Nabeel Seryoka

8. Creating Assignments and Rubric Grading in Moodle, by Mrs. Amani Alsagheer

9. Netiquette (ethical online behaviour), by. Dr. Tara Shallal 

10. Effective online pedagogy and interactive course design, by Dr. Millat Haje

11. How to make a video lecture more interactive, (using H5P add-in), by Dr. Shaho Ziyad

12. How to engage students in the electronic platforms, by Dr. Nazdar Alkhateeb

13. Interactive Book, by Dr. Husen Ibrahim   H5P

14. Using rubric in students' Assessment, by Mrs. Amani Alsagheer

15. E-learning measurement and evaluation tools, e-exams and tests, by Dr. Hamdia Mirkhan

16. Blended Learning, by Dr. Dara Al-Banna