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About Hawler Medcal University

Hawler Medical University is located in the city of Erbil (Hawler) in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Hawler Medical University has been established by the Council of Ministers of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government in July 2005 and endorsed by the Council of Ministers of Iraqi Federal Government in March 2006. The university has been established to include in itself the five colleges that were belonging to Salahaddin University in Erbil (except College of Health Sciences). The colleges are: College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing and College of Health Sciences.
The separation has come after a suggestion made by a number of academics from these colleges supported by the presidency of Salahaddin University as well as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches. 
The overall aim of establishment of Hawler Medical University is to improve the medical education in the region as well as to have a better management of the mentioned colleges. This does not mean that the colleges are newly established, but the management structure is new while the oldest college which is the College of Medicine was founded in 1977. Establishment of a university for medical group colleges is by itself the first experience in Iraq. Hawler Medical University provides undergraduate and graduate studies in different medical and health sciences. The language of study in the four colleges is English. 
The University is under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil.
There are a number of factors that make this a particularly motivating, active as well as challenging period to Hawler Medical University. The first factor is the challenge of it's newly establishment to include the medical group colleges from Salahaddin University. The second important factor is that the establishment of such university for medical group colleges per se is by itself the first experience in Iraq. Another important factor is the new establishment of mutual collaborations with many international universities and a big wage of scholarships, training and participation of university students, faculty members and employees in programs and conferences outside the country.
The University is progressing very well to establish itself as a modern and successful center of medical and health education and research with the efforts of a committed and talented staff and the support of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government. Our success is intended to increase our service to the community in Kurdistan region and Iraq as whole. Our ultimate goal is to be an innovative center of excellence in learning and research of medical and health sciences in the country and the region.