Department of Clinical Analysis

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Dear visitors, we would like to welcome you to the department of clinical analysis, College of Pharmacy, Hawler medical University. The department is primarily engaged in the teaching of clinical laboratory science, which is one of the most important part in the medical system, including several different disciplines, which are divided into four main tracks

·       Clinical Biochemistry:

It is concerned with studying the chemical changes that occur in the human body as a result of diseases by measuring the concentration of different chemicals using the latest methods of measurement and analysis.

·       Hematology and blood transfusion

Hematology is concerned with studying the pathological changes that affect the red and white blood cells and platelets such as anemia and leukemia. Blood transfusion is also concerned with the safe ways of transferring blood and its components from blood donors to those in need.

·       Histology and pathology.

It studies the cells and tissues and the changes that occur in these cells and tissues in case of disease

·       Medical Microbiology: -

It deals with the study of pathogenic microorganisms, where the student is acquainted with the methods of isolation and identification of these pathogenic microbes and methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention



The teaching and research facilities in the department include standard laboratories with relevant equipment supports in addition to other useful items of equipment accessible to other Department from College of Pharmacy