Dean's Word of Pharmacy

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Hunar Kamal Omar Hamza
The Dean
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 The College of Pharmacy of Hawler Medical University was the first college of pharmacy established in the Kurdistan region, Iraq. The college was founded in 1997 at the University of Salahaddin-Erbil. Then, it has become under the management of Hawler Medical University when the university was established in 2005. The college offers BSc degree in Pharmacy. The college admits around 70 undergraduate students each year. The college also offers MSc degree in different topics of pharmacy in addition to PhD degree in a number of topics.


The College of Pharmacy is committed to the education of professional and graduate students who, upon graduation, can meet the public need for safe and effective pharmaceutical care. Students and college staff generate and disseminate knowledge contributing to the education and continual professional growth of pharmacists, educators, scientists, and other healthcare professionals. The characteristics of quality instruction, basic and applied research, community and professional service, and extensive instruction in all types of pharmacy practice settings contribute to making the College of Pharmacy programs rewarding and satisfying experiences.

Dr. Huner Kamal Omer is the current dean of the College of Pharmacy in Hawler Medical University. He was inaugurated on the 31st of July in 2022 during a special ceremony supervised by professor Dr. Nooraddin Ismail. He took over the role which was occupied by his predecessor, prof. Dr. Alaadin M. Naqishbandi.

Dr. Huner is an assistant professor who initially graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Pharmacy at the university of Salahddin in 2002. Furthermore, received his Masters of science degree in pharmaceutics which he received from the College of Pharmacy in Hawler Medical University in 2006. He also went to the university of Vienna in 2006 for a portion of his studies. Afterwards he received his doctorate at the University of Central Lancaster in the UK in 2014. Upon graduation he returned back to Erbil as an assistant professor in the pharmaceutics department. The dean has managerial, fiscal, and academic responsibilities for the College of Pharmacy.

Duties and responsibilities

A dean is responsible for matters relating to educational, administrative, and budgetary issues. As part of his duties and responsibilities, Dr. Huner also oversees the departments of the College of Pharmacy which includes the pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical analysis, pharmacognosy, and pharmaceutics department. The dean works directly with the head of each department to promote the University’s strategic plan. As an executive, Dr. Huner ensures that the staff of each faculty adhere to the universities strict code of conduct while maintaining a culture of compliance and integrity among students and staff members. He provides a strategic leadership that facilitates the competent operation of each of the faculties. Dr. Huner may also grant permissions for special requests such as funding allocation. The dean paves the way for scholarly and public activities that encourage engagement and advance the level of education.


The dean of the college of pharmacy advances the university’s vision by making a strategic plan. The goal of the college is to release competent professionals into the community. It achieves this via coordinated lesson plans, activities, and workshops. The dean of the College of Pharmacy encourages the development of a positive work environment for the staff whilst also creating an environment that fosters student education.