Goals of MRC

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The Medical Research Center aims to develop a platform to encourage and benefit researchers and others alike for the advancement of our society and humanity. We hope that our scientific research and discoveries can help people lead a healthier lifestyle with increased longevity and decreased health problems.

We also aim to better educate the public about good health and diseases and preventative measures, hence helping them lead an improved lifestyle. To achieve this feat, we publish our research studies and findings, including our recommendations, in both local and international journals and carry out dissemination through different scientific and public media channels.


Aims of the Medical Research Center

*To provide training, support, and career opportunities and schemes or planner to attract and produce high quality biomedical researchers.

*To stimulate new research interests and increase the researchers' capacity and potential through workshops, conferences, seminars and training courses.

*To foster a research community and invest in individual researchers who can contribute to the advancement and use of scientific knowledge.

*To address priority areas of science and research, or career gaps, by developing tailored training and career initiatives.

*To work and collaborate with other national and international institutes on key issues related to research, careers, and health challenges in our society.

*Cater to more MSc and PhD students, and run joint programmers to accept students from different levels.

*Attracting and bringing outstanding research individuals, especially Kurdish researchers, to Kurdistan and recruiting them in our Center.

*To increase opportunities for the development of novel products and devices to make use of recent technological advancements for the benefits of public health.

*To work with relevant partners to ensure that the outcomes of our research studies are valid and have positive impacts and contributions to advancements in clinical practice, healthcare and public policy makings.

*To engage with the society to foster an informed climate within which biomedical research can flourish.

*To engage and encourage the public's involvement in research activities.

*To stimulate interest, learning and excitement about biomedical science research and its past, present and future impacts on society.

*Communicate and network with local and international research institutes through peer reviewed publications, reports, conferences and conduction of joint research projects.