Department of Nursing

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Department of Nursing


Dr. Nazar Othman 
Head of Nursing Department


Historic View

Initiated the thought of founding the College of Nursing through the urgent need for the preparation of cadres of nursing and efficient scientific and practical high-line with the technological development of scientific, technical and adequate with the need to provide nursing services and preventive, curative and rehabilitative foster maintain the health of well-mannered individual, family and community through the use of sophisticated methods and its importance comes as it seeks to develop the profession of nursing in a way that develops the skills and knowledge of students by providing the scientific and practical foundations using modern technology and used in the training of students.

As a result of that, the College of Nursing was established in 2001-2002 by Ministry of Higher education and scientific research as a college of Salahaddin university and then became as a college of Hawler Medical University. The College was keen to develop its graduates through the opening of graduate studies (master) in 2003-2004 and was capable to graduate the first batch of them with the specialization of science in nursing to provide educational and health institutions with advanced nurse staffs that contribute to improving nursing education and nursing efficiency in a manner that keeps pace with scientific development. The college has been able to open doctoral program to achieve a qualified and scientific teachers to provide scientific information for students and advanced clinical teaching.

The College has from the very beginning of its launch to improve the nursing profession through a substantial change in teaching methods and curriculum and the establishment of activities for ongoing education and the making of channels of cooperation and coordination with the stakeholders and the local and international organizations.


The College of Nursing philosophy is fixed in the belief that nursing education should prepare students to function safely and effectively in the generalist role. We believe that nursing education should provide students an opportunity to progress within a laddered curriculum in order to enhance the profession of nursing and to serve as a foundation for life-long learning. Nurses should be prepared to provide ethical, holistic and compassionate care to diverse populations in a variety of settings.



To graduate professional competent nurses at the undergraduate and the graduate levels; and prepare graduates to be morally reflective healthcare leaders and researchers, who can positively transform health and healthcare. The teaching staff's efforts focus on promoting nursing care to improve human health; and develop nursing and at the local, regional and national levels. The mission of the College of Nursing is to promote health and well-being through excellence in nursing education, research and practice. Work the College of Nursing at the Hawler Medical University, seriously and persistently to develop staffs of nursing has the qualifications to work in the sector (public and private) and have the ability to afford nursing care complete preventive, curative and rehabilitation of the individual and the family and people, and by providing academic programs that fit with the mission of the Hawler Medical University work on the preparation of the staff of the graduates are able to take responsibility in the construction and development of our society.


The College of Nursing will be one of the nation’s top nursing programs in education, research, practice and service. Seeking College of Nursing at the Hawler Medical University, to be an advanced position in the scientific progress in the field of nursing and its association with health services provided to the community. According to the vision of the Hawler Medical University, and that engage a leading position among the colleges of nursing in our universities and characterized among other universities and compete with the universities by providing the best education and sophisticated scientific research.


The College of Nursing seeks to attain its vision through the following objectives:
1-Produce graduates with the nursing expertise to improve healthcare outcomes.
2-Enhance and sustain diverse environment for innovation and excellence in practice, research, leadership, and scholarship.

3. Development of students' abilities to adopt perceptive thinking.

4. Upward the capability of students to adopt the stylistic self-learning and solve problems.

5. Increasing the aptitude of students to follow the steps in the provision of scientific nursing care.

6. Advance of broad understanding among students of the rules of professional conduct.

7. Directing potential students to initiate the completion of applied scientific research related to the topics of nursing care.

8. Collaborate with international academic and health care institutions to advance nursing professions.