Assistant prof.Dr. Nabil Srioka       Head of prsothodontics department

Department of Prosthodontics

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The department is that branch of dentistry dealing with the replacement of the missing teeth and contagious oral and maxillofacial tissues with artificial substitutes. This discipline includes removable fixed with attachment, maxillofacial implant prosthodontics, dental material, and fixed bridge prosthesis.

Students are introduced to the basic principles in treating the partially and totally edentulous patient with removable dentures, focusing on understanding the physical and biochemical properties of the denture components, technical and scientific ways of treating cases in the field of prosthetic dentistry.


Excellence in educational programs that provide a high standard of clinical training for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Highly innovative research that will have a remarkable impact on developing dental sciences.

Motivating and improving the skills of graduates


Integrating all the disciplines of prosthetic dentistry, clinical experience and basic dental sciences with the ultimate goal of graduating exceptional dental professionals who can translate their knowledge into clinical practice that will promote the oral health of the community.


To provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge

To develop research and teaching skills of the teaching staff.