Information System & Statistics Unit of Nursing

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              Dr. Dara Abdulla Al-Banna

          Responsible for IS and Statistic Unit



Information system and Statistics Division is a technology and database division of the College of Nursing at Hawler Medical University that contains Information System (IS) Unit, Information Technology (IT) Unit, and Statistics with Planning Unit.

The IS Unit is a combination of hardware, software, telecommunications, networks and trained personnel organized to collect, create, transform and distribute useful data and information of the College of Nursing/ HMU to facilitate planning, control, coordination and decision making in the college.

The IT Unit working on the process of exchange, store, present and application of information that create new methods to Solve problems, Perform tasks, Manage, Communication using electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic energy.

The Statistics and Planning Unit making short and long-term plans with an updated database of the college and providing the Kurdistan Region, Ministry of Higher Education, and Hawler Medical University with the current statistics and new database about the College of Nursing every 6 months annually. 



  • It helps college a lot in our academic daily life needs:

1. Improved productivity

2. Improved efficiency

3. Improvement of quality care of organization

4. Reduced costs

5. Help the user to store large amount of information

6. Improve quality of goods and services

7. E-mail

8. Languages improvement

9. Applications and Make people easily do their work

10. Administration

11. Development Tools

12. Operating Systems

13. LAN Administration

14. Networking

15. Doing things faster, better, cheaper

16. Greater accuracy and consistency

17. Has made possible for users to be open 24x7 all over the globe


Plans Finished by a Specific Time

1. Big database storage

2. Website management

3. Teachers (more than 100 Emails, Google citation, Web page profile, Moodle Account, Moodle enrollment, Continues Professional Development -CPD, Quality Assurance Portfolio)

4. Students (more than 750 Emails, Moodle Account, Moodle enrollment)

5. Curriculum and Courses creation in Moodle system (more than 110 subjects with its different theory, lab. and clinics)

6. Employees (more than 50 Emails, database)

7. College of Nursing database (Accreditation)

8. Provided up-to-date information and formal letters via e-mails.


Future Plans and Intentions of the IT team

A) Data Bank

Creating a database that contains documents about:

1. Quality assurance (Activities, Portfolio, Certifications, Student and Course Feedbacks)

2. Committees of the college

3. Library and Erbil Journal (online submission)

4. Archive files and formal letters

5. Previous and future plans

6. Statistics and Data analysis


B) Preparedness plan for connection with Electronic Government Project

  • E-government (short for the electronic government) is the use of electronic communications devices, computers and the Internet to provide public services to citizens and other persons in a country or region.

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