Awaz Aziz Saeed

Assistant Professor

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Awaz Aziz Saeed has Msc in Maternity Nursing from Hawler Medical University and PhD in Maternity Nursing from Sulaymani University during the doctoral study she attained University of Nottigham as academic visitor for three months she is successfully attained many PhD and Master program modules she gain very good experience in teaching and education  . She is a lecturer in maternity nursing in Hawler Medical University /Erbil/Iraq .She has Three scientific research in maternity nursing regarding anemia during pregnancy ,postpartum depression and chocking of children that have been published in scientific national journals. Her current interested research regarding adolescent primary dysmenorrha ,the benefits of first newborn skin to skin contact and side effect of contraceptive pills on women.    

Awaz Aziz has more than 5 publications, her current research work is mainly related to health services research, women reproductive health and conflict and health.

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1-Association between Severity of anemia and Maternal Factors During Pregnancy in Maternity teaching Hospital/Erbil city


2-Knowledge and Attitude of Primary School Teachers Regarding Choking's First Aid in Erbil City-Kurdistan region-Iraq

3-Assessment of Postpartum among Mothers at Maternity Teaching Hospital in Erbil City-Iraq



4-Associate Clinical Manifestations and Self-Management Approaches of Primary Dysmenorrhea Among Adolescent Students in Erbil City , Iraq


5-The Effect of Mother and newborn Early Skin-To-Skin Contact on Initiation of Breastfeeding, Newborn Temperature and Duration of Third Stage of labor

-PhD Maternity Nursing college of nursing/sulaimanyah 2013 

 THESES: effectivness of antenatal health education program on pre-eclampsia for primigravida women attending azady health center in hawler city 

-M.Sc. nursing/hawler medical university 2005

 THESES: Assessment of knowledge and practices of women with toxoplasmosis in maternity teaching hospital in erbil city

-B.Sc. nursing/Baghdad university 1990 



-Maternity nursing

-Community Nursing

-Pediatric Nursing 

-Teaching Methods

-Pregnancy at risk

-Antenatal Nursing


-Post partum care 


-Professional health syndicate

-Kurdistan Nursing Association

-Kurdistan- Iraq society of

Obstetrician and Gynecologist association