Ahmed Naif Ali

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Ahmed Naif Ali has a bachelor degree of nursing from hawler medical university. he is also got a diploma of nursing. he is a clinical instructor at college of nursing/hawler medical univerity, he has certificate on emergency and advanced life support professional, he has been worked as mentor in emrgency care and traumatology. he has certificate on pharmacovigilance and marketing supervsiors of scientific events on pharmacology and lecturing. 

i would like to work on the reaserchs that are links the mental disorders and physical diseases.

also factors that predispose more likely puting patient to face anxiety and pyschoneurosis

alos working on behavioral therapy and its effect on mental rehbilation



diploma of nursing department/mawler medical intitute (2008_2009)


bachelor degree of college of nursing/hawler medical university (2014_2015)

i have had working as a marketing and scientific supervisor at hawkry pharmaceutical group since april-2018


i have experience 2 years a medical represetative at hawkary group

i have got professional certificate on marketing and scientific supervisor