Iman Saleh Azeez

Assistant Lecturer

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Iman S Azeez has MSc degree in Psychiatric Nursing in Hawler.Medical/University Collage of Nursing. she is clinical instructor of Psychitric Nursing at Hwler Medical University/ Collage of Nursing,Erbi,Iraq. she teaches diffrent subject incliding psychiatric clinic. befor pursuing the academic career,she established one year of experience in Peritoneal Dialysis in Hawler Teachin Hospital.

Research Interest:

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-M.Sc. Nursing/College of Nursing/Hawler Medical University/ Iraq 2014-2016

Thesis: Impact of Exercise Training on Psychological Well-being Among Over Weight and Obes Women Attending to Fitness Centers In Erbil City 

- B.Sc. Nursing/College of Nursing/Hawler Medical University/Iraq 2010-2011

Teaching: Psychiatric Nursing