Awaz Abdulqahar Othman

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Awaz Abdulqahar othman has BA in English language from Cihan university. She is a translator and she teaches english lab in college of nursing at Hawler Medical university, Erbil, Iraq. She published 'Daya' book for learning Korean- Kurdish language. Currently she is teaching Korean language in a Korean course that, opened by Zaytun library and supported by Korean consulate in Erbil. 

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Daya book for learning Korean_ Kurdish language 다야 한국어 학습을 위해/ Iraq 2012

B.A. English Language/Cihan University of Erbil/Iraq 2015-2016

1. Manager of Planning Dept.    2013-2014  College of nursing Hawler Medical Uni.

2. Human Resource Manager    2016-2017  College of nursing Hawler Medical Uni.

3. Sttafing Manager        2010- till now     College of nursing Hawler Medical Uni.