Hemin Khalid Saber


College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Hemin Khalid Saber has  bachelor degree in medical and general surgery in college of medicine salahadin university (M.B.Ch.b.) and  iraqi board in internal medicine (F.I.B.M.S) and now  I am student in sub spesciality in pulmonary medecine(kurdistan board for medical speciality) and he is lecturers in hawler medical university college of nursing ,Erbil,Iraq.  he teaches diffrent courses in  general medical,pulmonary and cardiological department.and works as a consultant in hawler teaching hospital. he is current student at kurdistan board for medical spesciality in pulmonary medicine. he has more than two international pulcations. 

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bachelor degree in general medical and surgical science (M.B.Ch.B.) salahadin university college of medicine   2000-2001

Iraqi board in internal medicine (F.I.B.M.S. ) iraqi science commite of medical spesciality 2012