muhanad salah mawlood


College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Muhanad Salah Al Ani

PhdClinical Biochemistry ( Hawler Medical university)2019

M.Sc Clinical Biochemistry (Baghadad university) 2004

Lecturer in the college of pharmacy/Hawler Medical university

Diabetic complication ( retinopathy, nephropathy)


solution, emultion, ointment and creames preparation


Undergrajuate students (fifth satge students)

The preventive effect of bismuth and vitamin E combination on cisplatin hepatotoxicity in cancer patients


Nephroprotective Effect of Vitamin E and bismuth combinationation in

Patients Treated With Cisplatin Chemotherapy

clinical biochemistry theory (fifth stage)

clinical biochemistry Lab. (fifth stage)

biochemistry Lab. (third stage)

physical pharmacy theory (2nd stage)

physical pharmacy Lab. (2nd stage)

pharmaceutical calculation ( first stage)