zheen Abdulelah Abdullah

Assistant Lecturer

College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

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Assistant lecturer in Microbiology at the Pharmacy college of clinical analysis Department.

Molecular study of bacteria,  antibiotic resistance of bacteria

Aveen nozad adham and Zheen Abdulelah abdulah (2017), Antibacterial and antibiofilm activity of Ammi majus seed against Gram-positive bacteria. Zanco j. Med.Sci. Vol.21, No. (1).

Khadija Kh Barzani, Zheen A Abdullah, Soma P Hydaeat, Asia S Moohamad(2016),Detection of Tetracycline Gen (tet K, tet M) in some coagulase negative Staphylococcus isolated from different clinical sources in erbil city. Journal of University of Anbar for pure science. Vol.10, No.(1)

B.Sc. biology 2006

Higher diploma 2010

M.Sc. 2016