Nabeel Seryoka Hanna Martani

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Prosthodontics

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Full Name: Nabeel Seryoka Hanna Martani

Date of birth: 27th April 1973

Place of Birth: IRAQ / ERBIL

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married

No. of Children: 4

Home address: ERBIL

Postal Address: Q. 240 ST. 9 No. 569 Ankawa Quarter Erbil Governorate

Mobile:  +9647504453661

Office:    +9647504791000

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Specialization: Oral Rehabilitation Science

General: Dental

Specific: Conservative Dentistry / Prosthodontics

Assistant Professor of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry, Hawler Medical University.


Effect of Vent of retention of crown using different types of luting agents (Master Thesis)

Evaluation the Accuracy of Dental Implant Placement Using an Innovative Manually Fabricated Surgical Guide Technique (PhD Dissertation).

Highly interested in immediate loading and implant-supported prosthesis research with more than twenty years of clinical experience. 

Supervising clinics of PhD and Master candidates in the department of conservative dentistry at Hawler Medical University.

Supervising Master student in Conservative Dentistry Department.

Supervising many undergraduate students in College of Dentistry.

A New Transfer Technique (San Technique) of CAD/MAM Surgical Guide for Prosthetic Driven Implant

Authors: Nabeel Martani, Essam Osman, Lucette Segaan, Mohammad Rayyan

Publication date: 2015/5. Journal: IJSR    Volume: 4     Issue: 5   :Pages   470-475  Paper ID: SUB154105

Case Report: Re-Implantation Using Strategic Implants after Multiple Dental Implant Loss.

Volume 5 Issue 11, November 2016  Pages: 407-409  DOI:10201275/ART2016563

Nabeel Martani: Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Oral Rehabilitation Science, Beirut, Lebanon. Hawler Medical University, College of Dentistry, Department of Conservative Dentistry, Erbil, Iraq.

Ihde Stefan: Periodontologist and Implantologist in Simpladent Dental Clinic, Montenegro.

Lazarov Aleksandar:vImplantologist, Privae clinic, Sofia, Bulgaria

From 20 Sep 1991 to 29 Jun 1996. A degree of Bachelor of Dental and Oral Surgery (B.D.S) from College of Dentistry at Mosul University in IRAQ.

From 01 Oct 2000 to 10 Oct 2002. A degree of  Master of Science in Conservative Dentistry (M.Sc.) from College of Dentistry at  Salahaddin University in IRAQ.

From 23 Sep 2010 to 11 May 2015. A degree Doctor of Philosophy in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics (PhD) from College Dentistry at Beirut Arab University in LEBANON


  • Coordinator of Conservative Department from 2002 to 2004 at College of Dentistry/ Salahaddin Uni.
  • Higher Committee Member of Second Medical Conference in Ministry of Health and Social Affairs at 2004.
  • Coordinator of Accreditation Committee in the conservative department from 2015 to 2016at College of Dentistry of Hawler Medical Uni.
  • A Member of College Website Committee from 2016 to 2017 in College of Dentistry at Hawler Medical Uni.
  • Organizing committee for Erbil First Dental Forum 2016-2017
  • Member of Accreditation Committee from 2016 to 2018 at Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Researches.
  • Head of Quality Assurance Unite from 2016 to 2018 in College of Dentistry at Hawler Medical Uni.
  • A Member of Ranking Committee at Hawler Medical Uni from 2016 to 2018.
  • Member of Quality Assurance Committee at Hawler Medical Uni from 2016 to 2017     
  • Member of Kurdistan Medical Accreditation Board at from2016 to 2018 at Ministry of Higher Education in Kurdistan Regional Government
  • Organizing committee member of Euro Dental Marketing Conference of 2017 in Spain in Madrid by Plusus Conference.
  • Organing committee for International conference of oral science by Halwer medical university and Ishk university in Erbil.
  • Organizing committee for second Erbil dental Forum 2018
  • Organizing committee for first National student scientific conference in Erbil by Hawler Medical University
  • Organizing committee for dental education series conference