Soran Mustafa Kareem

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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About me

My name is Dr. Soran M Kareem and I’m a human anatomist, assistant lecturer at Hawler Medical University I can proudly and honestly say the followings about myself;

I consider myself as an open minded, tolerant, ambitious, adventurous,independent and a free thinker person who believes in respecting and giving care to the medical students to set a good example for them in respecting the patients that they are going to take and treat in the upcoming years of their learning and employment.

I consider myself as a modern educational and academic person who believes in putting fun back in the fundamentals (as students have been developing a bad image for studying human anatomy along the years and this needs to be fixed ), I’ve never been afraid to intervene  new techniques concepts and ideas to aid in the students learning process.

I strongly belive in teamwork, students group studying and their critical thinking to enhance their thinking, expand their horizon and release their full potential and passion toward studying medical science not to mention releasing the tension around studying anatomy for them

I’ve developed my own personal system for teaching human anatomy, student’s examination and assessment; a personal data base for dissection, I’m a good listener and unlike other educators students’ opinions and their feedback really matters to me because after all we are supposed to be a team. Teaching is my passion and I don’t approve the military ways that our medical students in the governmental section has been exposed to along the years as this kind of treatment will severely bend on the future patient-physician- relationship.














Active member of american anatomists assosiation (AAA), Iraqi dental assocation (IDA) and kurdistan's dental assocation (KDA)

Member of examination's committe and students research disscusion board

Founder of LDIT (stands for lets do it today) whcih is a non governmental organization aimed to direct our youth's attrntion, potential plus power toward enviromental protection issues, building team work, spreading dental and mecical knwledge amongnest our local schools in addition to various other activities including rehabilitation of cancer pationts by educating them pre and post-therapy, cleaning f the enviroment, recycling...etc.