Prshng Tawfiq Kurtas


College of Dentistry

Department of Basic Sciences

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Specialization: General Histology

General:  Biology

Specific: General Histology

Date of First Assignment in University:  9 – 12 – 1995

1991 -1995  B.Sc Degree in biology // Sciences / Salahaddin

2008 - 2011   M.Sc. In General Histology//  Dentistry/ Hawler

Medical University  































The effects of salbutamol, methylprednisolone and their combination on the histology of trachea in rabbits .  

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* Histological study of Molar pregnancy by using some of the special stains .Diyala journal of medicine . Volum 16, issue 2,june 2019

* Determination of antibacterial and wound healing potentials of ethanolic extract of Cydonia oblonga miller fruit .Diyala journal of medicine . Volume 18, issue 2,june 2020

* Effect of Isotretinion on Rat,s liver and aptness of cumin oil in protection . Diyala journal of medicine . Volume 18, issue 2, june 2020

*Comparison of the effect of vitamin c and Seleniun nanoparticles on gentamicin-induced renal impairment in male rats : a biochemical , molecular and histological study . 6 September 2022

General Histology from 2012 till now // 2nd stage /Dentistry