Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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assitant professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery

head of departement at college of dentistry / Hawler medical university

head of departement at rizgary teaching hospital

head of scintific comittee at college of dentistry HMU


field of interest

dental implants, resorbale plates, immediate oral rehablitation, maxillofacial surgery and rehablitation

sarkawt (Radiology)

dildar (Periodontology)

Rozhan (Oral Medicine)

sirwan (maxillofacial surgery)

twana (maxillofacial surgery)

walla (Oral surgery)

muhammad (oral surgery)

sandy (oral surgery)

omed (oral surgery)

mustafa (oral surgery)

saeed (kurdistan board)



  • Relation of maxillary sinus to alveolar bone crest. (Digital radiographical study).
  • Gingival health status among patients with B-thalasemia in Erbil city.
  • Clinical study of sclerotherapy of oral vascular malformations using absolute per-mucosal ethanol injection.
  • Gingival health status distal to lower second molar after after third molar surgery.
  • Direct closure of deltopectoral flap donor site without skin grafting.
  • Assessment of immediate dental implant in upper anterior esthetic zone.




  • Effect of Chamomile Extract on the Tongue of Chemotherapy Treated Albino Rats (Histopathological and Immunohistochemical Study)





Zanko journal for medical scince.


Iraqi dental journal.


Iraqi dental journal.

Zanko journal for medical scince.

Zanko journal for medical scince.


Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology (USA)

BDS College of dentistry HMU (2001-20020

Iraqi Board for medical specialisaions (2008)

Super major maxillofacial surgeries


esthetic and orthognathic surgeries

immdiate dental implantology

maxillofacial rehablitation