Ahmed Hasan Ahmed


College of Dentistry

Department of Basic Sciences

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Ahmed H. Ahmed has been teaching in Dentisrty College since 2008. He has PhD in Cellular and cardiovascular toxicology. He teaches clinical oral physiology, medical physiology in the college. He currently works in  teamwork researches in human and animal models in metabolic syndrome, toxicology, cardiovascular dysfunctions.

The research trend lines include:

Urotensin-II, EDRF, EDHF, H2S and NO signaling, potassium and calcium channels in VSMCs, hemodynamic and renal, cardiovascular hormones and cellular messenger systems, murcury toxicity.

B.Sc. in Biology-College of Science-Salahaddin University

M.Sc. in Biology-College of Science-Salahaddin University

Ph.D. in Cell physiology-College of Science-Salahaddin University

Researches in:

Isolated smooth muscles

Cardiovascular toxicity

Mercury toxicity

Invasive and non-invasive BP techniques

Plant extract antioxidant capacity

Endothelial Vasomotor agents

Potassium channels signaling

Calcium channels signaling

Second messenger systems