Salwa Ahmed Amin

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Surgery

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I am assistant professor ,consultant radiologist in department of Surgery /

college of Medicine /Hawler medical university.

I supervised many postgraduated students of  Msc,iraqi board of radiologystudents.

I have many published researches .

head of radiology department at maternity hospital from1995-2003

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I am  interest in  women health reasearches ,breast & neuoimaging 

1-Soran sedek,higher diploma thesis title ( Role of U/S in diagnosis of appendicitis) -2012

2-Rahmattulla Muhammad  ,higher Diploma  with thesis ( MRI findings of the cervical spine in patients with neck pain )- 2014

3-Diyar Othman,high Diploma thesis(doppler ultrasoundin pre-eclampsia:A case control study ) -2015

4-Shelan  Hakeem ,high  Diploma thesis ( Role of color flow ultrasound in detection of deep venous thrombosis)-2016

5- Hvrass Izzat ,Arabic board of diagnostic radiology(Evaluation of ultesound &FNA cytology findings of solid thyroid nodules.- 2016

6-Shymaa Hashim .Arabic board of diagnostic radiology (the role of computed tomography in differentiation between malignant and non- malignant cavitary lung lesions .-2017


 1. Salwa Ahmed AL-Najjar, "three -dimensional ultrasound in evaluation of fetal brain anomalies", ZJMS, 2016.
 2. Salwa Ahmed AL-Najjar,Shelan Hakeem Mohammad, "role of color flow ultrasound in detection of Deep Venous Thrombosis", journal of education and practis , 2016.
 3. Salwa Ahmed AL-Najjar,Abbas Ai-rabaty,Isam Al-Hatam, "Analysis of chest x-ray and clinical findings in children with pneumonia", ZJMS, 2013.
 4. shawnm Nasih Dawood , Salwa Ahmed Amin ,Samir Mahmood othman , "prevelaceof magnatic resonace imaging findings in low back pain patients in Erbil", prceeding book of 3rd international conference for medical sciences, 2012.
 5. shawnum Nasih Dawood. Salwa Ahmed Amin , Samira Salim Shekhmuhmmed, "Sonographic evaluation of maternal kidneys in normal pregnancy", ZJMS, 1-6-2014.

1- Ph.D in radiology /hawler medical university -2003-2007

2-high Diploma in radiology /MOsul UNiversity -1991-1993.

3-M.B.Ch.B /mosul university /iraq- 1979-1985.

academic title 

1-assistant professor in radiology/hawler medical university-march 2016

2-lecturer /november 2007.

3-assistant lecturesr-june 1996.

proffessional title :

1-specialist in radiology,MOH,KRG-iraq-1993

2-consultant radiologist 2017.

3-member of  iraqi syndicate of doctors since 1985.

4-memeber of kurdistan syndicate of doctors since 2003

5-member of  kurdistan-iraq  socity of obst/gyn