Leweza Belal Abbas

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Basic Sciences

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Iam one of teaching stuff in college of Medicine ,Dep.Clinical Biochemistry i used to teach1st ayear students si.During this period of time i did afew reaserches and supervised  MS.C Students but over all i did freindships with other  collegeas and we are like afamily and we are happy altogether

supervision of:

3 MSc

1-Detection  of Insulin resistance in Overweight&Obese individuals,Zanco J

ournal of Medical SCIENCE Vol.15NO(1),2011 PAGE74-79

2-Evaluation of VitC,Malondialdehyde&Lipid profile l elsin Type 2Diabetic patientsi Hawler City, Zanco Journal o Medical Science Vol.(15)NO(3)

3-Evaluation  of Serum C-reactive protein and lipid profile in patients with myocardial infarction2017 vol23 no 1

4-Serum total a-fucose and related parameters in breast cancer as tumer markers Jan.2011 Vol.9 issu

5-Evaluation of Homocystien  and Vitamine B12as risk factors for Myocardial infarction in Erbil City

1-MS.C in clinical Biochemstry ,University of Newcastle upon Tyne(ENGLAND)

2-PhD in clinical Biochemstry,Hawler Medical University,College of Medicine

1-Reading Historical books, embroying and cooking.