Savan Saeed Shengola


College of Medicine

Department of Basic Sciences

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Dr. Savan Saeed Azeez Shengola, a graduate of the college of medicine, Hawler Medical University. He got a board degree in pathology from the Kurdistan Board for medical specialities. He is a lecturer of pathology in Hawler Medical University, College of Medicine. He teaches undergraduate and post-graduate courses in histopathology and dermatopatholgy.

Primary school in Hamurabi primary school, Erbil, Ainkawa.

Elementary school in Ainkawa elementary school

College in College of medicine at Hawler Medical University

Board of Pathology at Kurdistan Board for medical specialties.


Member of the college website development.

Member of the college moodle committee.

Member of student assessment quality assurance.

Member of the college self assessment study committee.

Co-ordinator of IBS2 module for the second stage pregraduate students