Nasraw Mustafa Mahmud


College of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

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I am a lecturer at College of Medicine (HMU) Psychiatry department, and reporter of the department from 2013 till now.

MBChB (1993-2000). FIBMS (2003-2007). Lecturer (Since 22-12-2008)

I have been actively working on providing mental health education to the public through an active and popular facebook page and group that I admin. (Named #Wshyaryderuni) and through many volunteer seminars to the public.

I am the general manager at (Macos Psych) project which is a part of (Macos Organization), a volunteer organization for education and training. (Macos Psych) is the part of the organization dedicated to provide online and face to face psychology and mental health courses to thousands of people. A lot of volunteer fit staff participate in this project. (Macos Psych Fans) is a facebook group for the interested persons.