Hussein Yousif Abdullah Sinjari

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Medicine

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I graduated at 1981 from Basrah college of medicine, worked as rotator at Alkindy hospital (baghdad) and then ibin Sina hospital (Mosul), then junior house officer at Mosul hospitals, I joined Arab Board of internal medicine at 1989 at Mosul center, qualified at 1993 and appointed as physician in samawa then mosul hospitals. at 2000 i was appointed as a member of teaching staff at Mosul college of Medicine and transferred to Hawler medical university at 2006, at 2008 i was appointed as assisstant professor in internal medicine, at 2012 i worked as consultant physician at hawler teaching hospital, then joined KBMs as program director of internal medicine,my interest studies in nephrology especially cardio-renal syndrome

1- prevalence and risk factors of Hepatitis B and C among hemodialysis patients in kurdistan/ Iraq

2- peripheral arterial disease among stage V1/V CKD patients

3- Is BP control easily acheivable in a developing country

4- Cardio-renal syndrome among hemodialysis patients

5- impact of renal insuffiecincy on utility of cardiac biomarkers in diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome

6- in-hospital outcome of acute coronary syndrome and renal insufficeincy

1-Mahdi awla 2- Bagawan Ahmed 3- Basman Jawad 4- Hemen ahmed 5- Zana Jamal 6- Muhammed omer, 7- Nashwan Hna, 8- Yahya K Muhamed 9- Osama Ahmed

1- Incidence and causes of pleural effusion amond hemodialysis patients, Annals of the college of medicine Mosul, 2000, vol 26:67-70

2-Effect of ramadan fasting on certain biochemical parameters in patients with renal transplant, Annals of the college of medicine Mosul; 2002;vol 28:140-142

3- Hyperlipidemia in renal transplant,Annals of college of medicine Mosul; 2003;vol 28:17-21

4-Evaluation of dailysis adequcy using Kt/V and other related indices; J of basic medical science; 2005:vol 5: 123-32

5-Hyperphosphatemia and elevated calcium- phosphorus product in hemodialysis patients in mosul; accepted by Zanco J for medical science 2008

6-Complications and outcome of temporary hemodialysis catheters ;proceeding 3rd international conference book vol1:166-73

MB ChB at1981

DM at 1992

CABM at 1993

1- Assisstant professor (internal medicine) at Hawler college of medicine

1-Consultant physician at Hawler teaching hospital

3- Program director of Internal medicine at Kurdistan board of medical specialties