Paiman Jamal Mohamed amin

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Basic Sciences

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lecturer in the college of medicine hawler medical university

interested in anatomy, neuroanatomy and endocrinology

head department of anatomy and histology

coputer skill of MS word, MS power point, and MS excel

google scolar Nali abdulkader     MSc. anatomy     The effect of formaldehyde inhalation on rat thyroid gland     2012-2014 Scholar

histometrical and histochemical changes anpliteal ad the related risk factors of the portery in amputated legs of diabetic patients Diala journal of medicine (DJM) 4/7/2011

Effect of aspartame on the rat's thyroid gland", Diyala journal of medicine, 2o17. Vol.12 No. 1

neuropathic changes of osmicated common peroneal and tibial nerve in diabetic patients and related risk factors ", Diyala journal of medicune, 2011 vol. 1 No.2

assessment of the S100 protein of the common peroneal nerves in diabetic patients", Diyala journal of medicine,.2010 vol. 6 No 3


Degree                From-To         College/University             Country

MbChB                1980-1986      Medicine/ Salahaddin           Iraq

MSc anatomy      2000-2002     Medicine/Salahaddine           Iraq

PhD anatomy      2005-2009      Medicine/Hawler Medical University                                                                                                       Iraq 

Specialization: anatomy

Ass.lecturer    29/1/2003

Lecturer          28/1/2010



member of Doctors syndicate 1986 till now

member of KISOG (Kurdistan-Iraq Society Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists)2012 till now

member of Kurdistan teachers union 2015 till now

previous member of curriculum development committee

now a member of curriculum monitering comittee