Diyar Hussein Taher

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

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- Ass.Prof. in Psychiatry/Dep. of Psychiatry/College of Med./HMU.

- Consultant Psychiatrist/Erbil teaching Hosp. /MOH.

- Shared in many published scientific articles, postgraduate students’ researches supervision & scientific discussion committees for M.Sc. & Ph.D. degrees.

- Sociodemographic study of major depressive disorder in Erbil.

- Suicidal ideations, plans, and attempts in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

1- Depression among patients attending physiotherapy clinics in Erbil city.

2- The effect of treating generalized anxiety disorder on psychoactive substance abuse and dependency in Erbil city.

3- A comparison of high-versus low-intensity transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for chronic pain.

4- Depression and anxiety in women with breast cancer in Erbil city.

5- The frequency of Agoraphobia and the comorbidity of Major depressive disorder in Panic disorder.

6- Post-traumatic stress disorder among university students in Baghdad: A preliminary report.

7. Generalized anxiety disorder in Iraq, a sociodemographic study.
BM Al-chalabi, DH Taher, Iraqi scientific council of psychiatry


- MBChB/College of Med./ Baghdad University/ Iraq-1991

- FICMSpsych/Baghdad/ Iraq-1999.

- Shared in many scientific lectures & seminars for psychiatric education.