Training Course about Polymerase Chain Reaction

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Title: Polymerase Chain Reaction

In this training course we will explain theory and practically ( Polymerase Chain Reaction workflow ) step
by step from DNA extraction by kit and how will amplify this DNA and how prepare the agarose gel and
will use.
Type of activity: Training Course
 Ashti Mohammad Amin Said
Venue: Seminar Hall, Medical Research Center, HMU
No. participants: 15
Day: 5,7,12,14 and 15 Nov . 2023
Title of Agenda:
Date Time Topic Presenter

First day

5.Nov .2023

9:30 -1:00 Introduction about PCR and lab instrument Ashti M. Said

Second day

7,Nov 2023

9:30 -1:00 DNA Extraction Ashti M. Said

Third day

12. Nov.2023
9:30 -1:00 PCR Amplification Ashti M. Said

Fourth day

14. Nov .2023
9:30 -1:00 Gel Electrophoresis Ashti M. Said

Fifth day

15 Nov .2023

9:30 -1:00 Discussion and question Ashti M. Said

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