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Special Festival Conducted in the College of Dentistry for the New Students of First Year.

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On Sunday dated 22/10/2023, Assist. Prof. Dr. Bassam Karim Amin, the Dean of College of Dentistry of Hawler Medical University has opened the festival ceremony conducted for the new students of first year of College of Dentistry. The festival carried out in the presence of Assist. Prof. Dr. Hawri Mustafa Baker, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Assist. Prof. Dr. Karwan Mohammed M.Amen, the Vice President of Student’s Affairs, Assist. Prof. Hemn Muhssin Suleman, the Assistant Dean, and the Faculty Staff of College of Dentistry, for welcoming the new students for the new academic year, introducing, orientating them to the units, laboratories, clinics and departments of College of Dentistry, illustrating the tools, materials and equipment that used in Dental field. Many special gifts and scientific books have been awarded, with carrying out various demonstrations and games. Moreover, plenty of gifts were offered with regards to dental extractions with serving food and sweets sponsored by several dental brands such as Bright Dent, President and Mishmsh Sweet & Soft Drink. On this occasion, the “White Coat Ceremony” took place in Dr. Zewar’s Hall for the new students of First Grade for wearing the white coat. It’s worth mentioning that Dr. Saya Hadi Raouf had an active role in organizing this event in the College of Dentistry.