Lipid profile in normal pregnancy

  • Sinan Butrus Garabet Department of Clinical standards & Guidelines, Kurdistan Higher Council for Medical Specialties, Erbil, Iraq.
Keywords: Normal pregnancy, cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, triglycerides


Background and objectives:  Normal pregnancy is associated with disturbances in various biochemical values .The purpose of this study was to determine whether normal pregnancy is associated with any abnormalities of lipid profile . Methods: This prospective study evaluated lipid profile in 45 primigravid women during normal gestation (in the first & third trimester) and in 30 non-pregnant age matched controls for the period of December   2008 – May 2009 Results: Pregnant women exhibit a significant increase in mean serum cholesterol concentration 226.5 (S.D.42.2) mg/dL in the first trimester when compared with non-pregnant controls 167.9 (27.7) mg/Dl. The serum cholesterol increased significantly throughout gestation to a mean of 316.6 (54.8) mg/dL in the third trimester compared with the first trimester. Triglyceride panel in the first trimester had been similar to those of controls. However, by the third trimester the mean triglyceride concentration had revealed a double value of 227.7 (47.4) mg/dL; compared with the first trimester. There was no significant difference in the LDL level in first trimester when compared to control group. Nevertheless, it increased significantly, from 93.6 (11.9) mg/dL during the first trimester to 178.6 (18.5) mg/dL in the third trimester Conclusion: Atherogenic lipid profile develops during normal gestation. The future significance of these changes remains to be determined. They may have important implications for the mother and fetus.


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