sewgil saaduldeen anwer

Assistant Professor

College of Health Sciences

Department of Clinical Biochemistry

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  • Dr. Sewgil Sadduldeen Anwer is assistant prof. and head of Clinical Biochemistry department.  College of Health Sciences. Dr. Sewgil has received her B.Sc. Degree in Biology from the University of Salahaddin in 1995-1996, M.Sc. Degree in microbial biotechnology from Ankara University In 2000, and PhD. Degree in the same branch in Ankara University in 2005. Worked as a lab- assistant at Sallahaldin University- College of Dentistry and  ten years as lecturer in Biology department at the University of Koya.


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  • I have more than 21 publication and my research interest is focus on 

    algal cultivation, microbial Bioremediation and Biosorption, Microbial Bioplastic production, Removal of Dye and Heavy metals from waste water, antimicrobial activity and Biosiesel production. 


  • -  Supervisor of PhD student ( Using of microalgae isolated from koya city in waste water treatment system and biodiesel production)

    - Detection of kids milk using Methylen Blue reduction test

    - Neonatal jaundice and early breast feeding

    - detection of milk powder milk quality

    - detection of H. pylori

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    19- THE COMMON BACTERIAL CAUSES OF VAGINAL INFECTION IN ERBIL CITY.World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences.wjpls, 2019, Vol. 5, Issue 6, 35-44.

    TRANSESTERIFICATION PROCESSزPlant Archives Vol. 20, Supplement 2, 2020 pp. 827-831

    (SPIRULINA SP. AND SPIROGYRA SP.).Plant Archives Vol. 20, Supplement 2, 2020 pp. 1023-1027.



  • PhD. Degree: Ankara University- Graduate Scool of Natural and applied Science - Faculty of Science- Biotechnology( Microbial Biothnology)

    ( Use of thermophilic Cyanobacteria isolated from hot spring in waste water treatment system).

    MSc. Degree: Ankara University-Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science- Faculty of Science- Biotechnology( microbial biotechnology)

    BSc. Degree: Salahaddin University- College of Education- Biology Dep. 


  • Member in Promotion committee

    Member as editorial board in Zanko journal of medical science

    Head of department

    Supervisor of PhD student

    Member of biology association

    Member in book committee



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