Khelat Adham Abduljabbar

Assistant Lecturer

College of Health Sciences

Department of Medical Microbiology

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  • I am currently an assistant lecturer at Hawler Medical University/Medical Microbiology Department.

    I have worked in the bacteriology department for 8 years, in the virology department for 5 years, and in the pharmacology department for 4 years in Maternity Teaching Hospital.



  • My researchs were on the following titles:

    1. Cytogenetic Study of Autism in Erbil Governorate

    2. Molecular and Microbiological Identification of MRSA in Nosocomial infections

  • The title of my research students is on the prevalence of the most common cause of bacterial infection in UTI.

  • Bacholer's in Biology - College of Science (Salahaddin University) 2002

    High Diploma in Genetic Biology -College of Science (Salahaddin Universiy) 2013

    Msc in Medical Microbiology - College of Medicine (Hawler Medical University) 2017

  • I have been working part-time in Lala Hospital/Laboratory department private sector since 2011.

    I also worked in Sherwani Lab for 2006-2011.

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