Kwestan Hassan Sdiq

Assistant Lecturer

College of Health Sciences

Department of Medical Microbiology

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  • Welcome to my Academic Profile page. Iam Assistant lecturer from College of Health sciences, Hawler Medical University , Erbil, Iraq. I have a  in  college of Science , Koya University in 2008  and MSc. degree in Ecoloy and Pollution  from college of Science , Sulaimani University in 2015 .

    I would attended the work at the University of Koya Since 2009 Till 2018,Now I am working as a Assisstant lecturer at Hawler Medical University-Erbil from 2-1-2019. 

  •  I  interested to doing researches in my field (Ecology and pollution) ,Medical Mycology, microbial Bioremediation and Biosorption, antimicrobial activity , Nanotechnology,and  molecular biology. 

  • I have one group of student research project 4th stage at he academic year 2019-2020 ,they are study on  Dermatophytes Skin Infections within 2019 in Erbil City

  • I have the following Qualifications:

    1. Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Ecology and Pollution,College of Science , Sulaimani University - Sulaimani, Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. Thesis title: Ecological and Physiological Studies on
    Some Algae Species growth in Dukan Lake\ Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Supervisor: Assistant Professor Dr. Trifa Kamal Jalal Farkha.

    2. Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Biology, College of science, Koya University - Koya, Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. in 2008.

    3.Secondary School Certificate, Baccalaureate Examination for Secondary Schools (Scientific - Section) in Ala School for Girls in 2004 - Erbil, Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq.


    Undergraduate studies:

    Assistant Lecturer, Department of Biology in 2015
    • Teaching Mycology, Virology,Microbial physiology,Microtechnique,Ecology and Pollution and also from 2008-2012 Iwas teching this subject as assistan biology in koya university " Biochemistry,Haematology,Animal physiology,Molecular Biology,Endochrine,Parasitology'' 

    But Now from 2-1-2019  I am Assistant Lecturer, Department of Medical Microbiology and Iam  Teaching General Mycology,Diagnostic Mycology in Department of Medical Microbiology, for both stgae 2nd stage and 4th stage respectively.The class   nearly consisted of 60- students for 2nd stage and 84 -student for 4th stage.


    1. Coordinator of Medical Microbiology Department (13-1-2019).
    2. Member of biology association since 2008

    3.  Exam committee member  for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 from the college of health Science

    4. Moodle committee member at 2019-2020 from the college of health science. 

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