Meeting with the Inventor and Physician Dr. Azad Najar
On 10 February 2021, the University President, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamaran Younis M. Amin, received the prominent Kurdish scientist, More detail
Second Scientific Conference on Women's Health
Under the patronage of the University President, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamaran Younis M. Amin, the Center for Research and Education in Women’s Health... More detail
Honoring retired faculties
Under the supervision of the University President, Assistant Professor Dr. Kamaran Younis M-Amin, and with the presence of the university vice... More detail
Honoring Distinguished Researchers
Hawler Medical University organized a ceremony to honor a group of distinguished researchers who published research in journals with high impact... More detail
Honoring Assist. Prof. Dr. Dara Meran by the Minister of Higher...
بە ئامادەبونى وەزیرى خوێندنى باڵا، مەراسیمى ڕێزلێنان بەبۆنەى خانەنشین بونى سەرۆکى زانکۆى هەولێرى پزیشکى بەڕێوەچو لەبەرامبەر هەوڵ و... More detail
Hawler Medical University Ranking in Webometrics July 2020
Hawler Medical University is ranked third among the universities of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in the Webometrics ranking July 2020 edition. This is... More detail
Honoring Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran
The University Council and the directorates of Hawler Medical University organized a ceremony for honoring Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran on... More detail
Visit to the University President
The college council members and academic staff of the different colleges of Hawler Medical University paid visit to the acting president of Hawler... More detail
پیرۆزبایینامه‌ی به‌ڕێز سه‌رۆكی زانكۆ به‌ بۆنه‌ی جه‌ژنی...
پیرۆزبایینامه‌ی به‌ڕێز پ.ی.د. دارا عمر میران سه‌رۆكی زانكۆی هه‌ولێری پزیشكی به‌ بۆنه‌ی جه‌ژنی ره‌مه‌زانی پیرۆزه‌وه‌ پیرۆزباییه‌كی گه‌رم ئاراسته‌ی... More detail
Zoom BADGE at Hawler Medical University
Zoom BADGE is an online training course running by the Medical Education Department at the College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University to support... More detail
TV interviews with faculty staff about COIVD-19
The faculty staff from the different colleges of Hawler Medical University are greatly contributing to the awareness of population about COVID-19... More detail
Medical Students Volunteering in 122 Emergency Services
A large number of medical students in their final study years have volunteered in the local 122 medical emergency services, which also include... More detail
Blogs on COVID-19 by the university staff
Rudaw Health  Dr. Zahir Salih Hussein  ئایا كۆرۆنا به‌ گه‌رما له‌نێوده‌چێت Wishe Dr. Tola A. Faraj  پزیشكێك: خه‌ڵك هۆشیاریی‌ باشه‌ و... More detail
Protect yourself from COVID-19
COVID-19 Prevention Committee at Hawler Medical University More detail
Visit of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Aram Mohammed, visited Hawler Medical University on 5 February 2020. He was received... More detail
Hawler Medical University Ranked 3rd in Webometrics
According to the latest edition of Webometrics ranking which was released on 28 January 2020, Hawler Medical University is ranked 3rd among the... More detail
Hawler Medical University ranked 3rd in Kurdistan by Google...
Hawler Medical University is ranked 3rd in Kurdistan Region by the Google Scholar Citations. According to January 2020 edition of the Webometrics'... More detail
Hawler Medical University ranked 3rd in the NUR-KRG 2019
According to the official announcement of the National University Ranking in Kurdistan Region 2019, Hawler Medical University is ranked 3rd among... More detail
Pedagogy training course
The Center for Pedagogy Training and Academic Development at Hawler Medical University commenced its first Pedagogy Training Course on 13 January... More detail
Hawler Medical University ranked in the top group of NUR-KRG
  On 9 January 2020, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the results of the national university ranking (NUR-KRG)... More detail


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7. Creating Quiz in Moodle, by Dr. Nabeel Seryoka

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9. Netiquette (ethical online behaviour), by. Dr. Tara Shallal 

10. Effective online pedagogy and interactive course design, by Dr. Millat Haje

11. How to make a video lecture more interactive, (using H5P add-in), by Dr. Shaho Ziyad

12. How to engage students in the electronic platforms, by Dr. Nazdar Alkhateeb

13. Interactive Book, by Dr. Husen Ibrahim   H5P

14. Using rubric in students' Assessment, by Mrs. Amani Alsagheer

15. E-learning measurement and evaluation tools, e-exams and tests, by Dr. Hamdia Mirkhan

16. Blended Learning, by Dr. Dara Al-Banna


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