Physiotherapy Department



Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a combination of professions distinct from nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. The Department of Physiotherapy is a new generated Department in the College of Health Sciences. It has established recently, in the academic year 2018-2019. After four years of full-time (8 semesters) study, the students will be awarded a certification of Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy (BPT).



The vision of the department of physiotherapy is to offer a program of study that prepares the students for a high quality of education in physiotherapy rooted in ethics and empathy and fulfils their professional obligation to contribute to the health needs in society.



  • To ensure the ongoing improvement of the practice of physiotherapists and to serve the public interest.
  • To provide the most modern and highest quality of physiotherapy education to the students of our college.
  • To develop strong foundations for scientific research in the field of physiotherapy.
  • To provide the same at affordable coast.
  • To graduate students with better capability and high qualification in identifying, understanding, and formulating an effective treatment plan designed specifically for each patient.



The inclusive objectives of the department are:

  • To educate students to be professional in the practical application of physiotherapeutic treatments.
  • To make students be flexible and able to adapt to the health care changing and to take responsibility for their professional development.
  • To gain knowledge of the methods, procedures, models, techniques and actions required in the application of physical therapeutic principles.
  • To conduct scientific research in the speciality of physiotherapy.

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