1st Symposium on Communication in Higher Education Featured

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College of Health Sciences will held a symposium  on “communication in higher education” on 19/1/2020.

  • Communication and Effective Teaching
  • Communication in the academic environment and its influence on organizational climate of universities
  • Oral Communication Skills in Higher Education: Using a Performance-Based Evaluation Rubric to Assess Communication Skills
  • Influence of Student-Teacher Communication on Students’ Academic Achievement for Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Student-Teacher Communication in University Teaching
  • The Effective Communication in Teaching: Diagnostic study regarding the academic learning motivation to students
  • Impact of Effective Communication, Achievement Sharing and Positive Classroom Environments on Learning Performance
  • Effective Communication in Educational Administration
  • Effective Communication Strategies for Teachers/Mentors
  • Quality of communication between students and teachers during curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Quality of communication between students and teachers
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