A Training Course in ECG, Theory and Practice

A Training Course in ECG, Theory and Practice Featured

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An ECG is one of the most common heart tests. It is the only way of uncovering certain problems with the heart’s electrical impulses

There are a number of reasons why someone may have an ECG, including an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath when they exert themselves, significantly high blood pressure, palpitations or a suspected heart valve problem. It can also be a useful way of ruling out problems. If your doctor recommends an ECG, think of it as a basic investigation. Due to the importance of this subject, we felt that we should hold this training course.


Type of Activity: Training Course.

Presenter: Dr. Siyamand Hasan Moheidin

Qualification: PhD

Affiliation: College of Nursing

Audience: Teaching Staff

Venue: College of Nursing

No. of Participants: 30 to 40

Day: Thursdays

Date: From 03 Oct. 2019 to 07 Nov. 2019 every Thursdays.

Time: 08:30 to 13:30

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