Visit of the US General Consulate Erbil Team

A team from the United States General Consulate in Erbil visited Hawler Medical University on 4 October 2018. The team was received by the Vice President for S ...

Community based screening for hypertension in Erbil

A team led by Dr. Mairwan H. Saka, Lecturer of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the College of Medicine, carried out a community based screening program for ...

Health and safety awareness raising in the work environment

For the purpose of raising job health and safety awareness among the staff, and in cooperation with the Incorporeal Guidance Directorate of the Ministry of Inte ...

Health and Safety Management Training Course

The Directorate of Health and Safety at Hawler Medical University conducted a training course about Health and Safety Management for the health and safety staff ...

Iraq Chemical and Biological Security Grants

Hawler Medical University received a grant from the CRDF Iraq Chemical and Biological Security Grants (ICBSGs) for the maintenance of the Medical laboratory at ...

Visit of Khoshnawati Cultural Institute

Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran, the President of Hawler Medical University, received a team from Khoshnawati Cultural Institute on 6 August 2018. The tea ...

13th Graduation Ceremony

Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran, University President, the 13th Graduation Ceremony of Hawler Medical University was held on 19 J ...

Professional and skills development project for nurses

Hawler Medical University in collaboration with the Mangi Spi Kurdistan Health Education Organization (MSKHEO) carried out a project for continuing professional ...

Environmental health awareness raising

On the Environment International Day, 16 April 2018, the relationship between health and environment was explained for the staff of the Ministry of Municipality ...

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