Bologna System
Working for converting the curriculums of Departments to Bologna process by both Bologna process and curriculum committee of the college 16/6/2018 More detail
Football Championship 2019
Football championship of the friendly match among the students' of the different stages of five colleges of Hawler Medical University .considered as an activity of university also to encourage the student to do game and exercise. Type of activity: football championship between 5 colleges of... More detail
A TV interview with Dr Dler Gallaly at the K24 channel
A TV interview with Dr Dler Gallaly at the K24 channel (pashiv program) about (How to prepare ourselves for the fasting month, Ramadhan. - Healthy foods for suhoor and al-iftar (Dinner).- Healthy benefits of fasting.   More detail
Successful writing research and project grant
  Two days workshop on “Successful writing research and project grant “ by head of International Institute of Health and Education, Dr Kamiar Alaei and Dr Kamal Artin, from USA for teachers of College of Health Sciences/HMU More detail
PharMEDent 2019
    Participation of Dr Hamdia, Dean of College of Health science in PharMEDent 2019 , Fantastic gathering of health and education stakeholders.Dr Hamdia emphasized on collecting all efforts for removing gaps between Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health and give opportunity to... More detail
3rd International Conference on Biological and Health...
    College of Health Sciences belong Hawler Medical University as main partner in 3rd International Conference on Biological and Health Sciences, joint Conference of Cihan University-Erbil and Hawler Medical University April 30th - May 1st , 2019   More detail
Inviting Dean and head of both Medical Microbiology and...
        Inviting Dean and head of both Medical Microbiology and Clinical Biochemistry department of College of Health Sciences of Hawler Medical University by Dohok University for Participation and discussion in a workshop on curriculum and title of graduates and other area of scientific... More detail
Critical appraisal and writing research paper
  A valuable workshop on critical appraisal and writing research paper organized by College of Health Sciences in collaboration with Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (KUMS)/Iran, for editorial board of journals of HMU. Great thanks to dear Dr Rostam Jalali and Professor Dr Mansor... More detail
Spring Festival
    The College of Health Sciences and the Directorate of Health and Safety at Hawler Medical University organized the spring festival of health and safety on 25th April 2019, under the supervision of the University President, Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran, and the participation of a... More detail

Biodiesel production from Algae Featured

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Increasing petro diesel fuel demand worldwide. Rapid rise of crude oil price and limited reserve and its effect on environment  pushes the scientist to look for renewable and clean diesel ( Biodiesel to   replace petro diesel.

 Biodiesel:  Is simply a liquid fuel that can made by chemically combining natural oil (extract from plant, algae or animal fat )with an alcohol such as ethanol or methanol by process called Transesterification.

 Biodiesel can be used for the following purpose

-Transport vehicle

-Generating electricity

-Heating Your Home

-Cooking and Illumination

-Cleaning Up Tools and Grease


             Advantages of Biodiesel:

 Biodiesel fuel is a renewable energy source .

It produces 78% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than normal diesel fuel

Biodiesel is biodegradable and non- toxic and burns clean.

The main effect is super-lubrication which has the benefit of acting like a solvent to clean the engine.


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